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Company Tax

Under Section 110 of the City Municipal Corporation Act 1919 every Private Limited Company and Limited Company which transacts business within the City in any half year for not less than 60 days in aggregate shall pay Company Tax every half year to the Greater Chennai Corporation The Company Tax is liable to be paid twice (Half Yearly) in a financial year. It is based on the paid up capital of the company. The Schedule Rates for the Company Tax are furnished below:

  Category paid up Rate of Company Capital in Lakhs Rate of Company Capital
in Lakhs Tax from 1-4-93 onwards (per half year)
A. Less than 1 Lakh Rs.100/-
B. One Lakh & more but less than 2 lakhs Rs.200/-
C. Two Lakhs and more but less than 3 lakhs Rs.300/-
D. Three Lakhs and more but less than 5 lakhs Rs.400/-
E. Five Lakhs and more but less than 10 lakhs Rs.500/-
F. Ten Lakhs and more but less than 20 Lakhs Rs.1000/-
G. Twenty Lakhs and more Rs.1000/-

I ………………………………………………………………. Proprietor / Managing Director / Partner / Director/ Secretary/ Manager is hereby declared that the particulars called for by the Revenue Officer, Greater Chennai Corporation, Ripon Buildings, Chennai - 600 003 are furnished as follows:

1. Name and Address of the Company :
2. Paid up capitals of the above company in lakhs :
3. Date and commencement of the above company :

Name & Address of the Company
(Affix Office Seal)