Adulteration In Food Stuff And Its Harmful Effects
Bengal Gram dhal & Thoor Dhal Kesai dhal lahyrism cancer
Tea Used tea leaves processed and coloured Liver Disorder
Coffee Powder Tamarind seed, date seed powder Diarrhoea
  Chicory powder Stomach disorder, Giddiness and joint pain
Milk Unhygenic water & Starch Stomach disorder
Khoa Starch & Less Fat content Less - nutritive value
Wheat and other food grains (Bajra) Ergot (a fungus containing poisonous substance) Poisonous
Sugar Chalk powder Stomach - Disorder
Black powder Papaya Seeds and light berrys Stomach, liver problems
Mustard powder Argemone seeds Epidemic dropsy & Glucoma
Edible oils Argemone oil Loss of eyesight, heart diseases, tumour
  Mineral oil Damage to liver,carcinogenic effects
  Karanja oil Heart problems, liver damage
  Castor oil Stomach problem
Asafoetida Foreign resins galbanum, colophony resin dysentery
Turmeric powder Yellow aniline dyes Carcinogenic
  Non-permitted colourants like metanil yellow Highly Carcinogenic
  Tapioca starch Stomach disorder
Chilli powder Brick powder, saw dust Stomach problems
  Artificial Colours Cancer
Sweets, Juices, Jam Non-permitted coaltar dye, (Metanil Yellow) Metanil yellow is toxic and carcinogenic
Jaggery Washing soda, chalkpowder vomiting, diarrhoea
Pulses (Green peas and dhal) coaltar dye stomach pain, ulcer
Suapari colour and saccharin cancer
Honey Molasses sugar (sugar plus water) Stomach disorder
 Carbonator water beverages  Aluminium leaves  Stomach Disorder
 Cloves  Cloves from which volatile oil has been extracted  cheating waste of money